Scan your patterns with your iPhone or iPad

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Scan & trace

  • Photograph all the pieces of your pattern with your iPhone or iPad.
  • Import your images directly into the background of the app's construction mode.
  • Trace the lines of your pattern by following the contours of the image in the background.

Modify & transform

  • Apply your adjustments and alterations directly on the screen.
  • Move any point freely, or by specifying a direction and/or distance.
  • Add or convert points to transform your shapes.
  • Safely delete any points and lines that are no longer needed.

Measure & verify

  • Measure and verify the distances between any two points on your pattern.
  • Simulate the assembly of pieces to verify that everything goes together correctly.

Industrialize & export

  • Select the shape that you want to extract to create a new piece.
  • Add reference points and finishings to your pattern so that they can be correctly sewed together.
  • Export your pattern to import it in another vector drawing applidcation.

Create and export all your patterns as SVG or PDF

Compatible with Illustrator or Inkscape


Price will vary with local currency. No long-term commitment, cancel any time.

Download from the App Store

Can I try the app for free?

You can test most of the app's tools for free for as long as you want. You can subscribe at any time to unlock the ability to export your patterns.